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Garlic does have a strong smell and make some people do not like it. However, garlic has long been used as a medicine and even into the food consumed by the ancient eastern cultures. Until now, the garlic still exist is used both as a medicine and food additives. Here are the benefits of garlic for different types of diseases.

1. Helps treat acne

The right way, garlic can help treat acne. Garlic is cut or crushed to release compounds that are useful as a blood cleansing and has antibiotic properties. So that they would help treat acne. Nevertheless, we still have to take medication for acne, because garlic just help speed up the healing process of acne Manfaat bawang putih.

2. Improve Heart Health

Who would have thought garlic can help improve the health of our heart. Garlic can reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure, so it will prevent heart disease and stroke. This is because garlic contains allicin which can help reduce cholesterol levels.

3. Preventing blood clots

Cleaning nature contained in garlic makes it possible to cleanse the arteries and veins, which then thins the blood as well as blood flow. It also can increase the production of nitric oxide in the blood, which helps dilate blood vessels and dissolving blood clots.

4. Prevent Cancer

Garlic has a natural cancer fighting properties that help our immune system. Garlic can prevent various types of cancer, such as colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, stomach cancer, and breast cancer. They are also known to destroy the growth of cancer cells in the human body.

5. To assist in the fight infections

Garlic contains allicin, vitamin C, B6, potassium, calcium, selenium, magnesium, and flavonoids are great for fighting infections because the contents can kill most bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

 6. Treating throat problems

Antibacterial and antioxidant properties owned garlic can help cure a cough, sore throat, and sore throat. If we experience itching in the throat, we could chew a small piece of garlic or mix it into carrot juice or apple juice. Thus, garlic also can prevent colds and fever.

7. Reduce blood sugar level

Garlic can indeed help improve insulin in the blood, so it can help people with diabetes. However, this does not mean we stop doing treatment from a doctor. Keep doing the treatment of a doctor and try garlic as an additional treatment.

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Olive oil results if the olives into an extract that has a myriad of benefits for health and beauty either used internally and externally. Various companies engaged in the field of cosmetic beauty not a few who introduced products processed olives.


One woman who is very famous for a beautiful face and skin that is smooth is Queen Cleopatra. As the Queen of Egypt in ancient times it is definitely important for health and beauty care for himself. Not only him, many artists in Indonesia who recognize that beauty is a result of self derived from olive oil aid.


The content of Olive Oil

Actually, what the content of the olive fruit extract is so undistinguished that much many?


Chemical compounds stored in olive oil, for example triacylglycerol which is a monounsaturated fatty acid with the type of omega 9 (oleic acid). Levels of omega 9 around 55-83 percent of total fatty acids. Because the fat is good for the body because of type of monounsaturated fats, the risk oxidized body less than omega-6 and omega-3.


Other content that is also present in olive oil are Vitamin E, functions for health and beauty is caring for the hair to be more healthy as it continues to receive a supply of nutrients from the outside.


Here are the properties of olive oil for health and beauty:


1. Caring for skin

The skin is the outer part of the body that have the highest risk of damage due to exposure to bacteria and other elements such as dry skin, dull and wrinkled faster quoted from Manfaat minyak zaitun.


To prevent these problems you have to do a skin care routine that a variety of issues affecting the skin so the risk is minimized. The easiest way is applying olive oil before the move and at bedtime.


One objective of using olive oil before the move is to reduce the adverse effects on the skin due to sun exposure. In addition, the skin will porch fresher, firmer, smoother and softer.


2. Overcome Oily

Excess amount of oil on the face can worsen the appearance of a person, therefore it is essential seek healthy solutions to no longer experience the problem.


The main steps that you can try is to use a mask made from a mixture of olive oil and sandalwood powder. If you can do when the face feels tired, let the mask stick to 15 minutes in length. Last wash your face to remove the mask using cold water, pat dry with paper towels or face pat using your palms.


3. Lifting Dirt On Face

If you are an employee who is assigned to always work outdoors, make sure to provide more protection to health, particularly the skin.


Use olive oil after against the sun. First wash your face with warm water or uapkan with water being boiled, the goal that the pores open. After that, apply olive oil on the skin evenly, let sit for 5 minutes. If it had been the face using warm water wash, the last rinse again with cold water to the dirt that has come out did not go anymore because the pores shrink.


4. Caring for Hair

You can combine the olive fruit extract with honey, which is believed to beauty experts as the herbal ingredients to treat the hair of the various kinds of damage.

Developing Hair: Prepare an empty bowl, break two eggs and enter it in the bowl, then beat with a spoon. Add one cup of olive oil in the bowl before, let stand for 2 minutes so dull. After this mixture was smeared on the hair root to tip. Let stand 10 minutes after the wash use shampoo.

Lengthening Hair: Mashed beans lemon and pepper and mix the two into two tablespoons of olive oil. Rinse gently on the scalp evenly, let sit 20 minutes in length and then wash using shampoo.

Caring for Hair Damage: Enter the natural materials such as olive oil, rose petals or jasmine extract into the bottle. Cover and let stand at least 24 hours. If so, wet your hair using hot water so that the pores open slightly. Rub olive oil on the scalp, massage some time before shampooing.

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Honey is no longer a public secret, some people already use for health. Even from ancient ages people have used honey as a panacea. Honey since been previously used for a variety of diseases, one of them treating wounds to prevent infection. And many more.

Preventing cancer

The content of flavonoids and antioxidants are solid honey can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. While the content of carcinogens in honey can prevent a variety of tumors.

 Wounds and Ulcers Drugs

Honey for centuries been used for the treatment of wounds and ulcers. Honey contains glucose and an enzyme called glucose oxidase. In the right conditions, glucose oxidase honey can break down glucose into hydrogen peroxide, a substance that is a powerful antiseptic. Honey in the packaging can not perform this reaction. To become active and break down glucose honey, glucose oxidase requires an environment with a pH of 5.5 to 8.0 and sodium. PH pure honey ranges between 3.2 and 4.5 is too low to activate the enzyme. Skin and body fluids (eg blood) has a relatively high pH and sodium so as to provide the right conditions for the formation of hydrogen peroxide this quoted from Manfaat madu.

Stimulate Growth Network

Propolis, enzymes, pollen, vitamins and minerals in honey can stimulate the growth of new tissue. When used on burns, honey will accelerate healing and reduce the amount of scarring.

 Smooth Skin

Gluconic acid and organic acid contained in honey can loosen dead skin cells so as to accelerate the regeneration, reduces wrinkles, aging lines, oil balance, and improve skin elasticity. Honey also contains sugars and amino acids that help retain moisture.

 Boost Immunity

Honey has a very high antioxidant content to keep the body from free radical attack. In fact, antioxidants called "pinocembrin" only found in honey. This makes your body more healthy, avoid illness and look more youthful.

 Gukosa and Blood Cholesterol Lowering

Although sweeter than sugar, honey has a low glycemic index because it is absorbed into the bloodstream gradually. You who have diabetes should reduce foods high glycemic index because it would encourage a surge in blood glucose.

Honey is the safest alternative sweetener than sugar or artificial sugar. Some studies even suspect honey can lower blood glucose. Mineral and vitamin naturally in honey also helps lower LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body.

 Relieve Respiratory Diseases

Honey is very effective for respiratory diseases. A study in Bulgaria on nearly 18,000 patients have found that honey helps overcome chronic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, chronic rhinitis, allergies and sinusitis. Honey is an effective medicine for colds, flu, and respiratory infections.

 Increase Stamina

According to the research, honey can improve performance (ergogenic), which can improve the performance of athletes. Honey can help the body control blood sugar and also helped muscle healing and stamina recovery after strenuous activity.

 Source of Vitamins and Minerals

Honey is also known to be rich in vitamins and minerals. The levels of vitamins and minerl depend on nectar which is inhaled by the honey bees.

 Banish Bacteria and Fungi

Honey also contains an antiseptic substance that serves to inhibit bacterial growth, it is able to keep the body in order to avoid infection. If seserorang suffered lacerations or burns, then the honey is often used as a first aid medicine to rub so as to avoid infection.

 Lose weight

In contrast to the high sugar calories and lukosa, honey contains vitamins and minerals needed by the body yag. Many believe that honey can be used as a natural remedy for weight loss. Usually dicampung honey with lemon juice taken in the morning is believed to eliminate cellulite.

 Treating Cough and Sore Throat

Antibacterial properties of honey can against mycobacterial cause inflammation, and even honey can kill the bacteria that cause infections of the throat.

Besides useful in the fields of health, honey is also often used in the field of beauty. For example the high antioxidant content in honey can fight free radicals and aging of cells. You can also use it as a softener and a lip moisturizer. So, it is a lot of Benefits and the Benefits of Honey.

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Basil Benefits for Men and Women

Uncovering the benefits of basil leaves start all that is to know the Latin name basil is Ociumum sanctum L. Basil leaves are very easily found in traditional markets with a relatively cheap price. Distinctive aroma, strong and soft with a touch of fragrant citron. Therefore, the benefits of basil leaves and how to process them appetizing meal and can add a delicious dish. Basil leaves commonly eaten raw as fresh vegetables, together cabbage, cucumber and chili as a complement to the food stalls are chicken or fried fish.


In addition to the benefits of basil leaves as fresh vegetables, basil leaves benefits not only as fresh vegetables, but the basil leaves can be used in laksa dish or side dish rice Betawi. There are many areas that utilize basil leaves in a variety of food offerings that of course it was for the distinctive aroma of basil leaves efficacious increase appetite apart in betawin also in eastern Java on rice krawu, botok, TransAm (ointment), or pencen tempeh. Manado in Manado porridge savory style comes partially complete dish basil leaves.


Not only in the country or in Indonesia are using the benefits of basil leaves as a food supplement, the benefits of basil leaves in it utilized several countries including India and some African usual brew the tea leaves of basil instead of the original tea leaves steeping. Basil tea is commonly served at the turn of seasons, which at that time many people were infected diseases health disorders ranging from cough, cold or fever, so many are using the benefits of basil leaves / manfaat daun kemangi on the season.


As for the Europeans used to use the benefits of basil leaves or basil leaf properties of mengestraksi volatile oil of basil as a mixture of medicines and cosmetics for body care, such as soap, perfume, body lotions, lozenges, aromatherapy oils, and ointments.


Or efficacy benefits of basil leaves basil leaves to the Sundanese who called basil as surawung. Thais call with maenglak basil leaves, and in the English language called basil leaves with lemon basil.


Medicinal plants basil scattered over the globe, from Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia Pacific, the Americas, the Middle East, to Australia. Are related to plant basil basil (Ocimun sancium), Mentha arvensis (Mentha arvensis), and leaves wake or cumin (Coleus amboinicus).


In planting basil is easy, if the seeds are dispersed, then the basil will grow. Basil can stand in hot or cold weather. In cold areas, basil wider and green. While planting basil leaves in hot regions have small leaves, thin and pale green.


Characteristics of basil (Ociumum sanctum L.)

Plants that grow many tropical regions is erect herb or shrub, forming a rounded, highly branched, very high Harun with 0,3-1,5 m. Trunk anyway is not clear, green berwarnah often keungunan haired or not. Single leaf, opposite, and are arranged from bottom to top. Leaf limb length from 0.25 to 3 cm with each leaf blade oval to elliptical, elongated and pointed or blunt tip. Leaf base pegs to rounded, smooth-haired on both surfaces, serrated leaf edge weak, corrugated or flat.


Basil flowers composed of flower stalks are upright shape. Bungan compound leaves diketiak rocky and there ends the elliptical shape bract or snake eggs with a length of about 0.5-1 cm. Lip-shaped petals, outer hair comb kelenjer, purple or round, and be involved in setting fruit, white corolla with stamens inserted the bottom of the crown and a white head forked but not the same.


Fruit box-shaped, dark brown, upright and depressed by the tip forming a hook melingkar.Panjang fruit petals 6-9 mm. Seeds of small size, type of hard, dark brown, and waktudiambil immediately swell, TIPA fruit stands of four seeds. Taproot and dirty white.


In search of the scientific facts about the benefits of basil leaves can be used as medicine, health, and beauty of skin and hair, is the content of basil leaves basil leaves so the benefit is not just a myth or the traditions of ancestors without any facts to prove it. Basil leaf content is as follows ...

The content of Basil


Some of the chemicals contained in basil 3,7-dimethyl-1,6-oktadien-3-ol (linaool 3.94 mg / g), 1-methoxy-4-2- (2-propenyl) benzene (estragol 2, 03 mg / g), methyl cinnamate (1.28 mg / g), 4 allyl-2-methoxyphenol (eugenol 0.896 mg / g), and 1.8 sineol (0.288 mg / g) which is identified by the method of GC / MS. Traditionally, basil has been used in the treatment of headache, cough, diarrhea, constipation, intestinal worms kidney failure and warts.

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7 Benefits of Ginger To Teat Disease

Ginger is one of the herbal plants which had been very trusted by the people of Indonesia in particular. In fact, mothers often uses ginger as one of the herbs for cooking. In addition, ginger can also be worn as a simple traditional medicine could cure some diseases.


1. Muscle aches

 Muscle pain you experience after doing activities can be reduced by taking several grams of ginger per day.


2. Infection

 Ginger contains substances known as gingerol which can protect against some infections. Drink ginger tea if you have any respiratory infection.


3. Cough

 Destroy a piece of ginger, and simmer to make a tea. Drink every day can relieve you from coughing and sore throat. 


4. Toothache

Number four from manfaat jahe is to disease toothache Ginger contains certain compounds that can help heal a toothache. Boiled a piece of ginger in a cup of water, and drink until the pain has subsided.


5. Blood sugar

 If you are diabetic, konsumsilah two grams of powdered ginger daily, take a look at the results. However, we recommend that you consult your doctor before trying this herb.


6. Menstrual Pain

 Breathe water ginger stew a few times, it can help alleviate menstrual cramps, and pain.


7. Lower Cholesterol

 The last from manfaat jahe merah is stablizer cholesterol. Unhealthy cholesterol levels can increase the risk of heart problems. Consumption of three grams of powdered ginger per day can bring cholesterol levels decrease.


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3 How to thicken your Eyebrows Naturally and fast

Steps to Redden the Lips Naturally

Benefits of Green Tea Very Powerful Antioxidant

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3 How to thicken your Eyebrows Naturally and fast

Eyebrows are one of a very important part in your beauty. Thick eyebrows will painta more captivating charm, of course. Some natural ingredients can thicken your eyebrows quickly i.e. Pecans, Aloe Vera, olive oil, and much more. Although this way belongs to the effective but unfortunately not many men and women who knew it. Because nowadays most people prefer using a pencil eyebrows that can thicken your eyebrows quickly. Unfortunately a pencil eyebrows not is the right choice if you want to have a thick eyebrow hair.



How to thicken your eyebrows naturally could indeed be said to be very easy but requires a process that will take your patience. Because memamng eyebrows is one ofthe most beautiful Crown present where a woman from the eye will go down to theeyebrows. Now curious what are the natural ingredients that can help you in gettinga thicker brow with way way tradsional cara menebalkan alis alami check out the following.



The growth of eyebrows is not fast because it requires a process and time. Quoted from the website of, the eyebrows are shaved short takes at least 8-9 months to get back. Obviously it is not a short time. Well for those of you who want to have thicker eyebrows no harm trying several ways to quickly thicken your eyebrows / cara menebalkan alis using the following natural ingredients.



1. Thicken your eyebrows with pecans

The first step you should menyangrai first Pecan and then pounded to get the Pecan. After exiting the oil and then apply on the brows using a cotton bud. Doing it this way at night and let the brand of oil until the morning.



2. The mixture of coconut oil and lemon

The first step of grated lemon skin first, then mix it with coconut oil. After well blended use cotton to rub it on the eyebrows. Apply this way at night when it was about to sleep and let stand overnight.



3. Aloe Vera Gel

Choose fresh Aloe Vera then take gelnya and apply on the eyebrows. After smearedlet sit for 30 minutes for a new rinse with water. In addition with Aloe Vera gel you can also use Aloe Vera serum.


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Steps to Redden the Lips Naturally

Benefits of Green Tea Very Powerful Antioxidant

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Steps to Redden the Lips Naturally

The lip is part of a unique skin for not equipped oil glands and sweat to keep its humidity. The lips are also thinner than other skin allowing the blood vessel that is in this section.


Steps to Redden the Lips Naturally

Redden lips naturally can be done by looking at some of the following.


Rub the lips

Discard the skin exfoliate lips can do to get red lips naturally. Apply a drop of sugar or honey on the lips, then rub it gently. When you're done scrubbing, rinse to dry. After that, oleskanlah lip balm on your lips cara memerahkan bibir alami.


Dispose of dead cells form a skin exfoliate will make the epidermis cells help stimulate new collagen growth. The growth of new collagen is beneficial in slowing the aging process.


Do not smoke

Women who want a natural blushes red lips should avoid smoking. A lot of research that says that smoking is bad for the health of the skin, including lips.


Smoker skin will be wrinkled more quickly than those who don't smoke. With the smoke, the collagen will be more easily lost and skin cells are more easily damaged. Discoloration of the lips can also occur in smokers or other tobacco product users.


Avidly drinking water

One of the key so that the lips stay healthy is to fullfill the needs of body water. To maintain the hydration of the body, always bring drinking water wherever you go. The body need 2 to 3 liters per day so that the body stays properly hydrated.


Red right by following natural Milker

The fruits are red can be used as an option so that red lips naturally (cara memerahkan bibir), among others, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, Cranberries, pomegranate seeds, and bulbs red (beetroot).


Peel fruit that produces the red color then apply it on the lips. Repeat these steps until a few times to get the desired color. Once the desired color is obtained, close the brand lip balm.


Other ways that can be used is to advance menjus fruit. Then dip the cotton bud into the juice and apply on the lips to get the preferred color. Finally, close the layer with the colour is durable so that the lip balm.


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Benefits of Green Tea Very Powerful Antioxidant

During this time many people often use green tea as a health drink. Apparently, based on research conducted by experts, the benefits of green tea for health is green banyak.Teh contains antioxidants that can resist poison that will go into our bodies. Green tea also contains vitamin E and vitamin C are beneficial to strengthen the immune system, healthy skin and hair health.

Green tea contains polyphenol compounds that are very much act as protective against cancer. Polyphenols are classified in a very powerful antioxidant. These compounds will neutralize free radicals that cause cancer.

Free radicals themselves are formed naturally in the body. These molecules can damage human cells. People suspect that this is one of the molecular causes of cancer, including various types of other diseases such as heart disease and aging. manfaat teh hijau

Green tea leaves that have been dried consists of 40% polyphenols. In addition to fighting breast cancer, these substances are also believed to reduce the risk of gastric cancer, lung, colon, rectum, liver, and pancreas.

Benefits of Green Tea among others, as an antioxidant, repairing damaged cells, smoothing the skin, slimming, prevent cancer, prevent heart disease, lowers blood cholesterol levels, blood circulation. So, do not be surprised if the drink is touted as a beverage rich in benefits.

There is also a need to consider when you drink tea as a useful substance in the body is not lost, among others:

Do not drink tea during or after meals because they substances contained in foods can be stolen by stimulant tea. Do not drink tea on an empty stomach because it can increase the production of stomach acid.

Avoid drinking tea laced with sugar because it causes the substances it contains is reduced.

Do not drink the tea that had been all night because many of its substances are oxidized and stale so the impact is not good for the body. Avoid drinking tea during pregnancy and lactation. Because caffeine and stimulant substances in tea can stimulate uterine contractions. In addition to nursing mothers would disrupt production of milk-producing glands or breastfeeding mothers.

Usefulness among others:

For the health benefits of tea have been known for thousands of years ago. In scientific research, discovered the usefulness of tea pharmacologically for the human body. Due to the various types of chemical compounds such as amino acids, alkaloids pure, aromatic substances and vitamins.

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How To Easily Remove Armpit Hairs Without Scars

Benefits Of Dragon Fruit To Maintain Body Health

4 Natural Ways to Expel Mosquito What You Should Know

How to Remove Dental Plaque that Interferes with Naturally

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4 Natural Ways to Expel Mosquito What You Should Know

Mosquitoes are home animals whose existence is often very disturbing. Why not, when mosquitoes bite we eat the skin will itch and pimples usually appear. There are even some people exposed to mosquito bites scar blushed and would take several days for the former lost. Babies also be avoided so as not exposed to mosquito bites, let alone a baby's skin is very sensitive. So once exposed to mosquito bites, scars will be immediately flushed like an allergy. Some mosquitoes also be the cause of dengue fever and malaria. Therefore, you must be keen in repel mosquitoes correctly. No need to bother and buy tools or materials are expensive because there are How to Expel Mosquito Natural.


1. Garlic

Garlic than as herbs, are a natural mosquito repellent. You can use garlic in the kitchen as a way to repel mosquitoes naturally. Mash garlic to taste. Add mineral water. Let these ingredients all day. After that, strain, add cypress glasses of water and a little lemon juice. Then the mixture can be applied on your body that are prone to mosquito bites. Indeed, the way the garlic takes time to be able to repel mosquitoes. However this may be an alternative if you want to save. You also do not need to worry because there are several other natural ways. cara mengusir nyamuk


2. Flowers Geranium

How to repel mosquitoes is traditionally next to the geraniums. This plant has been known by the world as a plant that is very unpopular mosquitoes. Even some insect repellent sold in the market are made from basic materials geraniums. Put it in the corner of the house plants that are prone to mosquitoes as a way of naturally repel mosquitoes. You need to put it in areas susceptible to wind, because of the pungent smell of geranium leaves will blow when the leaves rubbing together, and this is very unpopular mosquitoes.


3. Lavender

how to repel mosquitoes naturally thus putting lavender plants in the corner you hit the window. Many brands of mosquito repellent are using lavender for their main ingredient. However, this time you do it yourself in a natural way. Put lavender plants in the house will make mosquitoes do not like to come into your home, and the animal would not feel at home. You also can apply lavender oil on the skin.


4. Plant Serai

Lemongrass plant is also a natural mosquito repellent plants. And here we see the material lemongrass is a food flavoring ingredient like garlic. However, this time you are not using serainya to be smeared on the body. How to naturally repel mosquitoes with lemongrass you simply planted around the house. Then the mosquitoes are not willing to approach your home. Then you can also use regular serainya rod cooked, ie by mashing until smooth, and add to the bowl. Place the lemongrass collision was in a room near the bed, then you comfortable sleep without a mosquito bite

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Simple Tips How To Eliminate Bad Breath Due To Cavities

How to Eliminate bad breath we often smell that is not from our mouths sepda due to eating food that was not able to be controlled. In fact we've been brushing any masi just cause bad breath that is unpleasant and it might often be many problems in people.


When we speak of our mouths should not smell and the person who mendengarnnya any good. I here allot's article how to remove bad breath permanently. Sometimes when we talk of people diskitar we are not comfortable with the bad breath that we experience, everyone does not want his mouth smells because of trivial things only and it doesn't make us comfortable in the band.


We already look good but his mouth smells right it bad been fullest with best view instead of his mouth odor. When we talk to the same friends would rather ashamed of bad breath which is less savory. How to eliminate bad breath after eating in Curry would I give it to you all. cara menghilangkan bau mulut secara alami


The bacteria can be attached to a hard surface such as the enamel of the tooth. If they are not removed, they can proliferate and grow in great numbers and form colonies. The longer if not cleaned, bacteria can be mixed with saliva or saliva that would lead to the emergence of a whitish colour film that clings to teeth which normally we call plaque. And it was the beginning of the cause why the tooth can be perforated. On infant (toddler), enamel is that they have not yet fully mature and more easily porous. At least it takes 7 years for baby teeth enamel to be more mature, more populous and louder and more shiny. That is why children are more prone to cavities compared to adults.


Bad breath is one of the problems that is often inflicted on many people. Some of them are not even aware of her contract the bad breath. They are aware when your opponent shows had already begun talking with gelagat are not comfortable when communicating. If this is you have ever experienced, immediately look for ways to treat it. Many of the tips offered, ranging from medical treatment to various ways of eliminating bad breath naturally. Following this, 6 How to eliminate bad breath are common:


Maintain Oral Hygiene

It is a very basic but often overlooked is the brushing of the teeth. Many of us felt the brushing is done only when the mouth feels uncomfortable only. It is this assumption that eventually became the biggest triggers the onset of bad breath. For that, start brushing your teeth regularly, i.e. once before going to bed at night and when waking up in the morning. Or after eating food that triggers bad breath, like in Curry, Huntersville, meat, etc. cara menghilangkan bau mulut karena gigi berlubang


Use An Anti-bacterial Mouthwash

In fact, the way this is an additional way when finished brushing your teeth. However, it can also dirutinkan to get maximum results. When brushing your teeth, only some parts of the mouth can be reached by toothbrushes. For that's the mouthwash works perfect the performance of toothbrushes. In addition to eliminating the bacteria in the mouth, gargle will also make your mouth feels fresher. Mouthwash is one way of eliminating the new mouth quickly.


Regularly clean the teeth and tongue

Many dental experts that advises people to diligently brushing your teeth. His main focus is 2 times per day and one of them should be when before going to sleep. In addition, make sure you rub the teeth with a time of about 2 to 3 minutes, so that the plaque causes bad breath completely dissolves.


In addition, you should also clean your tongue. It is because most bacteria cause want to mouth is also present on the tongue. You can buy a toothbrush, cleaning of the tongue or buy equipment scraper tongue. In addition to eliminate bacteria, cleans the tongue can also remove residue causes folds and selara at the tongue.

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